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Abstract picture from one of our gigs

Static Rain - Music

Rhythm is fundamental, guitars working with the machinery of drums and bass...then, like wild cats they leap into explosive solos, dancing until the singer drags them back to their cages with a roar!

It is not easy to find a snappy label to describe our music. This is because we like to vary our songs, and explore different parts of what is loosely called rock.

Our songs vary from the big, fat, stadium-rock Concept Model Blonde; to heavy, passionate and intense songs like Razor; to equally passionate but softer ballads like Handle with Care. Some songs are simple, with roots in the blues, others are ambitious works of new rhythms, exciting chords and clever structures. In all of the songs, lyrics are as important as the great melodies. Everything means something and it is all important to us.

Does any of that help? Maybe not. To be honest, the best way of working out what we sound like is to listen to us play. We are proud of our music and we really hope you like it too. Please have a listen to some of the samples from the Brittle Sky page or from our myspace.com/staticrainband page.

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