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Static Rain band website

Welcome to our website: here you will find more information about the band, our music, what we look like and where we are going. We hope that you enjoy your visit.

News - January 2010


There is a lot going on for the band members this year, which is forcing a bit of a break from the music. We hope to be back later on in the year. Meanwhile, please take a look at Chris' website: he will be gigging about town with Carlos and others.


You can visit us on MySpace at: myspace.com/staticrainband. If you can't get there though, and want to read our brief (press) biog, it follows:

Five man strong rock band Static Rain was formed in 2001. Fronted by singer Chris Beales, for eight years the band has been crafting their sound, a strong fusion of power and subtlety.

Initially playing gigs in and around Reading, the band became more and more successful. They recorded a couple of CDs before the first line-up change when Gareth Critchfield joined as a drummer. This strengthened the band and Static Rain started appearing at festivals and topping local battle-of-the-bands contests.

The band has weathered a few more changes since then. Chris launched a solo-album in 2008, marking a clear distinction between his acoustic songs and the rocking sound of Static Rain. Mark Smith took up the electric guitar, to join Carlos Chadderton and build a much more powerful dynamic to the Static Rain sound. And finally, Eric Butcher joined the band on bass guitar, reinforcing the rhythm section.

The results prove the band's maturity and strength: there is a brand new Static Rain album, it is blood red, and it is called Brittle Sky. The album was launched in October 2008, with an exciting gig in Reading.

More detailed history/biogs, music info, photos, gig listings, etc., are available from the links at the top of this page...

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